Retail & Restaurant Decommissioning

Full-Service Property Decommissioning

Closing your retail store or restaurant can have a lot of moving parts. We assist businesses like yours with the packing and relocation of retail products, fixtures and displays. For items slated for disposal, we work to resell or recycle as much as possible. We also assist restaurants and retailers that are closing with reselling and recycling their old furniture, fixtures and appliances. If there is value in these items, it can offset the cost of the removal and save you money.

Building & Facility Managers

Have retail or restaurant tenants who have left behind furniture, fixtures, appliances or displays? We can clean it all out leaving the space in broom swept condition, ready for your future tenants. We work with a nationwide network of buyers to resell as much as possible, any items with resale value can offset the cost of the removal.

We Help
With Restacks

Are you revamping your restaurant or retail location and getting rid of appliances, furniture or fixtures? Our decommissioning experts can help you remove, recycle, donate, or resell as much of your unwanted items as possible. Read below to find out how this can offset your decommissioning costs.

Offset Your Decommissioning Costs

If you’re decommissioning a restaurant or retail space, meeting with one of our liquidation experts can pay off. With our decommissioning services, we assess the value of the items you’re leaving behind, which can reduce your total bill. This means, if your property has value, you get a better price and you’re helping to protect the environment by keeping your old property out of a landfill.

Retail & Restaurant Decommissioning Services We Offer:

  • Professional Decommissioning Planning
  • Nationwide Property Removal, Storage, & Delivery
  • Compliant Recycling
  • Compliant Disposal
  • Property Donations
  • Property Resale Deductions, when applicable

Why Choose Signature Relocations

At Signature Relocations, we have over 30 years of experience helping retailers and restaurants like you across the country remove, store, or deliver excess or unwanted property in a safe, compliant, and timely manner. Retailers and restaurants across the U.S. choose us because of our commitment to excellent customer service and affordable pricing.

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